Wordless Wednesday-ish: Teach Your Children Well :)

Hey everyone, I hope all is well. This post is kinda like a Wordless Wednesday except there are actually some words, hence the suffix “-ish” A few weeks ago, I wrote a post titled “Urban Gardening In The Big City – Montreal And Beyond!” which basically discussed a variety of ways one could grow their

101 Ways to Earn Money From Home: A Book Review!

Hey everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your week will be just as good…or better If you have been reading this blog for a while, the name Hayley might ring a bell. Hayley is a wonderful personal finance (PF) blogger who I’ve been reading for the past year or so

Happy Thanksgiving – 2014 :)

Hi everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the long week-end!! In Canada, today is Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends (readers) And to my American friends (readers), Happy Columbus Day Speaking of Thanksgiving, I just returned from a wonderful afternoon of friends, family (adopted – long story), food and fun and

Frugal Food Friday: Prepared Chicken Dinner :)

Hey all. I hope your week has gone nicely and that your weekend will be even nicer Due to my being sick last week, I missed a Frugal Food Friday post, so I’m coming back at ya with this new post today! For the past few months, I have been working at cooking my own

Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Simple!

Hey everyone. I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been taking a bunch of pictures lately around my ‘hood and thought I’d share some of them with you. Hope ya enjoy As usual, I’d love to read your thoughts on this topic so please, keep the conversation flowing by adding a comment below. OH…and I’m

Small Town Living In The Big City!!

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a truly wonderful and simple weekend I am now feeling my usual self – after battling a cold – and I am raring to write…so here we go! Way back in the day – before I began following the tenets of voluntary simplicity – I remember wishing for

Simple Pleasures: Personal Green Space!

Hey everyone. I hope you are all well I am feeling better, and while not 100% yet, getting there day by day! I just wanted to take a moment today to write a Simple Pleasures post on the sometimes not so simple act of enjoying one’s own green space. This summer, I had the opportunity


Hey everyone. I hope you are all well I am fighting a cold, so this won’t be a long post! A few days ago as I was taking a walk, I came upon the sign at the top of this post and snapped off a photo. Now, I’ve seen this sign many times before and

Frugal Food Friday: Poor Man’s Cabbage Rolls

Hey guys and gals. I hope your week is coming to a joyful close and that your weekend will be simply simple As mentioned last week, I am going to attempt to post a frugal, yet delicious and nutritious meal every Friday, and today is no exception! The meal this week is something I’ve called

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey all. My dear cyber friend Hayley, over at Disease Called Debt, has graciously nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award! Normally, I tend to ignore such nominations, but since it was Hayley who nominated me, I feel honored and will accept Now, in case one is not aware of the rules, I will post