Wordless Wednesday…With Some Words!

Hey everyone. I hope all is well. Before I turn this post into a wordless post, I just wanted to say that it is wildly snowing outside and one of the my most simple of pleasure is to watch the snow fall from the warmth and comfort of my living room! I’ve been doing this

Sometimes People Just Don’t Get It!

Hey everyone. I hope you are all well and that your week is going smoothly I usually try and keep Wednesday open for my Wordless Wednesday posts, but really had to say something about the image you see to your left. Having written a post two days ago titled The Joy of Intentional Giving! and

The Joy Of Intentional Giving!

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend was simply wonderful and that your week will prove to be the same I can’t believe it’s already December 1!! That means there’s a little over three weeks left before Christmas…which is crazy! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! Speaking of fun, the weeks leading up to

Frugal Food Friday – Chicken And Rice!

Hey everyone, I hope all is well and that your weekend will turn out to be simply awesome! As this is Friday, I usually like to add a post dealing with making cheap and frugal – yet delicious – tasting meals. And today is no exception In the past I have talked about the wonderful

Wordless Wednesday – Walkabout :)

Hey all. I hope your week is going well. As talked about on my last post, here are some pics I took to go along with my perfect day As usual, I’d love to read your thoughts on this topic so please, keep the conversation flowing by adding a comment below. OH…and I’m now on

The Perfect Day!

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well and that your weekend was simply fabulous I had a great birthday week and now I am basking in the glow of being 54…or maybe I’m just having hot flashes! Anyway…all that to say, “life is good!” Which brings me to the subject of today’s post: The

Birthday Post 2014 and Give – Away :)

Hey everyone. I hope you are all well It has been a while since my last post and let me tell you, it’s not because I’ve been twiddling my thumbs! I’ve been keeping quite busy working on my Etsy shop, working at the Comedy Nest, working on a new client web-site and then spending some

Frugal Food Friday: Pork With Rice And Tomatoes :)

Hey gals and guys. I hope you are all well and looking forward to a slow and relaxing weekend. Since it’s Friday, it’s time for a Frugal Food Friday post (apologies for missing this series the past two weeks). This week’s cheap – yet nutritious – eats, features pork cubes, Basmati rice and a can

Wordless Wednesday – Out And About :)

Hey everyone and welcome to another Wordless Wednesday post. I hope you are all well and that your week is going wonderfully well as well (just wanted to see how many “wells” I could place in a sentence A few days ago I took a long walk around my ‘hood and I thought I’d share

When Simple Living Backfires!!

Hey everyone. I hope you all had a simple and relaxing weekend and are now looking forward to a stress-less week My weekend was enjoyable. I worked at the Comedy Nest, worked on my Esty Fine Art Photography shop, played some guitar, enjoyed a nice meal with my “adopted family” and took a couple of