Monthly archives: June, 2013

Simple Pleasures – Fun Mobility

On my daily walk this morning, I snapped this pic of a colorful Vespa style motor-scooter in my neighborhood and thought that this must be someone’s fun way of getting around the city. A definite eco-friendly simple pleasure What’s your simple pleasure? Lyle by

Missed Opportunities No More!

Hi everyone I read on a friends FB wall yesterday that a friend of hers, who really wanted to attend her little girl’s grade school graduation, was not allowed that opportunity by her employers. I was shocked but unfortunately, not surprised. I just have to remember back to my 9-5 work days and how many

Summer Simple

Like most of my guitar students, my summer has officially started this week as a large majority of my students head off to camp, family vacations or just taking the summer off from learning. And while my guitar teaching income drops by 90%, I still look forward to this time of year. With my students

Simple And Frugal Food Ideas For The Single Guy: Steak And Fries!

As I continue to eat more at home to save on money and my waist-line, here’s a dish I made tonight that not only featured a delicious pepper steak and wedge french fries, but yummy fried red tomato’s as well! In the frugal department, the pepper steak cost me $1.85 as it was on special.

Simple Pleasures – Garden Flowers

The flowers pictured to the left came from the garden of a friend who used this beautiful arrangement to brighten up the surroundings for her and her family. It’s obvious what her simple pleasures are, what’s yours? Lyle by

In Praise Of Used: Giving Things A Second Chance

The picture to your left is of a 12 year old Dell Inspirion laptop that a good friend gave me about five years ago after using it heavly for seven years prior (thanks Jane!). It has a 40 gig hard drive, 128 megs of ram, Windows XP professional and can still get me on the

Simple Pleasures – Napping

One of my favorite simple pleasures is being able to grab a nap when the mood strikes. In the picture to your left, my cat Kiki demonstrates her version of taking a cat-nap, literally What is your simple pleasure? Lyle by

A Week Of Groceries From Different Countries Around The World: A Must See!!

Hey all. Someone on my Facebook page posted this link and I thought, if you hadn’t seen this, you might like to. It really puts into perspective how food and diet play a pivotal role as dictated by our consumer lifestyle. Also interesting to see how much “plastic food” there is in the well-to-do countries.

Enjoying What You Have!

A friend of mine found this message in her fortune cookie recently and I immediately fell in love with the sentiment: “If you don’t enjoy what you have, how could you be happier with more?” This idea encompasses everything I hold dear about living a simple life and is the essence of simplicity itself. How

Simple And Frugal Food Ideas For The Single Guy: Peppered Beef And Veggies!

In my quest for both frugal and healthy meals, I have been directing myself to cook more at home rather than go to the very convenient fast food joints down the street or to the neighborhood deli (which is very good by the way!). As such, I bought some food over the week and have