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Simple Summer Project: Read My Books!!

Hey everyone. I hope you are all enjoying whatever season you’re experiencing at the moment and that you’re either keeping cool or staying warm I’m happy to say that the humidity has finally broken, after a few major thunderstorms and the day is absolutely beautiful here in Montreal, Quebec. Before I begin this post, let

Shop Simple!

The picture to your left was taken by a friend of mine on a recent visit to Woodstock, NY. When I noticed it on her FB page, I asked her if I could use it in this post as I found it to be quite fitting for what I wanted to talk about, which is,

It’s Simply Hot! – Part 2

As an add-on to my post a couple of days ago, “It’s Simply Hot!“, I would like to add the following, which I found on a Facebook friend’s wall and thought it would lend another voice to what I stated, albeit a little more eloquently “…Dr. John has said that the invention of the air

It’s Simply Hot!!

As I sit down to write this post, it is currently 33C with 42% humidity, making it feel like 39C in Montreal, which, for my readers South of the Border in the US, makes it a whopping 102.2′F!! That’s HOT no matter HOW you look at it! This is the kind of heat that comes

Simple Pleasures – Backyard Retreat

On my morning walks, I kept passing this beautiful rock garden fountain that someone obviously took a long time cultivating in order to enjoy a wonderful backyard retreat, and I thought I’d share What’s your simple pleasure? Lyle by

Your Life Doesn’t Suck!!??

I started to think this morning over breakfast, as I was leisurely reading some of my favorite simple life blogs, that if you find that you are NOT happy with your current lifestyle and unsure of what to do, the myriad of voices out there in the blog-o-sphere may be a tad daunting. It might