2014 – Time To “Git ‘er Done!”

calendar-2014Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that your New Year will be filled with all that you hold dear :)

I had a very simple Christmas with plenty of food, friendship and merriment to keep me going until next Christmas!

I also had a wonderful time at my sister’s and it was a great way to bring in the New Year!

Speaking of which – the New Year that is – I made a few resolutions which I thought I’d share with you all. Normally, I tend to stay away from making New Year’s resolutions as I usually don’t stick to them, but this year I’m going to do something a little different than previous years…I’m actually going to COMMIT to my New Year’s goals!!

Now, you might all be shaking your heads and thinking “Yeah Lyle, we’ve heard that before!”, and you would be right! But in all honesty, this year will be different.

For one thing, I’m not getting any younger, and the idea of me laying on my death bed at the age of 103 (fifty years from now), thinking “damn, I really should have done that thing I always wanted to do!” is a place I don’t want to be in.

So, what are my resolutions? Well, glad you asked :)

  • I want to lose weight so I can actually LIVE to be 103…or there-about
  • I want to finally record a CD of my original Jazz tunes
  • I want to write/blog more with the intention of creating another stream of income (I’m available!)

Have I made these resolution before? Yes! In fact, on New Years Day I was over at a  friend’s home and we did our annual previous years resolution look-over.

Each year, his family and I write down our goals for the coming year and place said list in a jar for the year. Then come the following New Year, we share our goals over a nice dinner and see how much we actually accomplished. Suffice it to say, there’s lots of laughter and gentle ribbing as we each read off our list to those around the table.

Last year, I wrote down eight resolutions. Of those eight, I only accomplished one…the one where I wanted to start up a simplicity blog…which you are now reading (yay me!):)

However, that left seven resolutions which did NOT see the light of day. Of the seven, the three above were part of the list and were the only ones that made it onto this years list (I think I’m beginning to learn my lesson)!

I realize that while I probably could have managed to do all eight resolutions throughout the year, that would have taken a lot more work than I cared to take on. Instead, breaking goals down to just a few should keep me both grounded and focused. And while I do realize that losing weight is a huge task in and of itself, the result will overlap with my other goals as well, as my previous weight loss will attest to.

Ten years ago I was at my heaviest (at that time), weighing in at a little over 200 pounds. In four months, I had dropped 40 pounds and felt like I could take on the world. I was full of energy and life changing ideas and I had no problem accomplishing what I wanted. Now-a-days, while I still love being me, I sometimes feel like a lump on a log carrying around 224 pounds!! And while the extra weight doesn’t stop me from living a great life, I want that energy and lightness back for an even GREATER life!

The added energy will also help me get off my duff so that I can begin work on my long-overdue (well, at least for me) CD. Actually, I have already begun to scout musicians and recording studios and feel happy doing so. This momentum will continue as I begin to chart and arrange the music. I have no doubt that this will take time, but I’ve already done more in the past week than I have all of last year…and the previous year as well! So I feel very encouraged by all this.

I’ve also teamed up with a good friend who is a successful screenwriter. He wants to work on writing a play for theatrical production and I want to record my tunes, so we are competitively pushing each other as accountability partners. Much like having a gym buddy, except without the sweat and sore muscles :)

So, there’s my resolutions for the coming year. I feel good about them and know that while they will take a lot of work, they are definitely do-able. I just need to get out of my own way!

So…did you make any New Year’s resolutions? And if so, do you feel that you’ll accomplish all that you have set out to do this year?

I’d love to hear what you have to say on this topic, so please continue on with the conversation by commenting down below.

Take care and all the best.


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