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On How To Meet 200+ Simplicity Enthusiasts At SimpleREV 2014

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having an enjoyable week When I discovered the tenets of Voluntary Simplicity over twenty years ago, I was pleased to find out that I wasn’t alone. Thanks to the Internet, I found that there were others just like me who had had enough with conspicuous consumption and the normative

Simple Sunday Plus – 11 :)

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend is simply awesome !! And with that said, it is now time for the eleventh edition of Simple Sunday (and surprisingly I am posting it on a Sunday instead of my usual Saturday publishing date)!! Simple Sunday features links to stories, blog post and videos that I have encountered

Simple Pleasures – Mornings :)

Hey everyone. I hope you are all having an awesome week and will continue to do so! I’m working on a few new Joy of Simple posts but have been having a busy couple of weeks and it seems like as I sit down to focus on a new post, something pops up to distract

Simple Pleasures – Old Friends :)

Hey everyone. I hope your week is moving along nicely! As the subject line of this post states, one of the great simple pleasures in life are old friends. These are the buddies, BFF’s and pals you’ve had since childhood and who have stayed in your life, regardless of distance and/or life changes, in one

Living A Life Without Regret

Hey everyone. I hope you are all well I am currently working on a new post for The Joy of Simple, but wanted to direct you all to a post I just wrote over at my From 50 On blog. The title is “Live To Die Without Regret!” and can be read at The

Simple Sunday – 10

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend so far! I have had a busy couple of weeks and wasn’t able to post a Simple Sunday last weekend so I’m glad to be able to post one this week Today’s Simple Sunday though is going to be a tad different as I

What My Mother Taught Me About Simple Living Without Her Knowing It!

Hey all. I originally published this post back in July but felt it was more than relevant given that Mothers Day is upon us. So I am re-posting it today. If you have read it before, my apologies, but a bunch of you might be seeing it for the first time. Thanks. And to those

Simple Pleasures – Sunlight :)

Hey everyone and happy Friday For twenty years I lived in a bungalow style dwelling that was one story. The only sunlight I would see was the occasional burst of sun in the back room for about half an hour or so in the morning, and then it was gone. I eventually became used to