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Voluntary Simplicity, Affluenza And Life Choices!

Hello and thanks for dropping by I hope your week has gone well and that you’re weekend is even better!! For me – and this is not to brag – there really is no weekend as everyday can be considered part of a seven day weekend in my life. And while I do work on

Nap For A Better Life :)

Hey gals and guys and thanks for dropping by I hope your weekend was filled with all that you wanted – or didn’t want – to accomplish! Back in June of 2013, I wrote a very short Simple Pleasure post on napping and thought I’d expand on that one a bit. In fact, as I

The Need For Balance!!

Hey all. I hope you’re all doing well and that your summer is proving to be all that you expected Mine is going well albeit a tad busier than I would like! As mentioned in my previous post, my time management skills need to be worked on a little, which I am doing…hence this post!