53 Going On 13 And A Special Birthday Present :)

birthdayHey everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the week and that all is well.

If you had read my earlier post this week, you know that today is my 53rd birthday :) The time seems to have flown by since I was a youngster and apparently, as one grows older, the days, weeks, months and years seem to catch up to us faster, or maybe that’s just me :)

Well, whatever the case, here I am at 53 enjoying my life and feeling more than relatively content, happy and satisfied.

Are there things in my life which I feel need a little work or tweaking? Sure! But that’s part of figuring things out as you get older. After all, it’s the journey that ultimately matters and not the destination per se…or so “they” say!

So…where does the 13 come in? Well, even though I am physically 53 years of age, I often times feel like I’m still 13 (unless I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror…OUCH!)

Does that mean that I’m immature, irresponsible, hormonally driven or self-centered? Nope!

What it does mean though, is that I try and see the world differently than my aged cohorts. I try and have the same view of life as I did back when I was 13. I hold on to the positive and the hope that I had back then. I tend to not be cynical and I try and find the wide-eyed newness and excitement in as many experiences as I can and life in general. It’s not always easy, and it has taken me a while to get to this place in my life, but the more I’m in control of who I am and what I do, the easier it is to find a nice balance between my 13 year old self and my 53 year old self.

That being said, I have written 53 practices that I try and live by on an almost daily basis. These thoughts/practices have provided me with a life that I can truly call my own, and while I think they can work for all, you won’t know unless you try.

53 Practices To Live A More Authentic Life

1 – Be kind to all

2 – Live and let live

3 – Be respectful to all

4 – Trust your gut instinct no matter how crazy your head says it is

5 – Follow your heart no matter how crazy your head says it is

6 – Don’t always wear your heart on your sleeve…let others wonder what you’re thinking

7 – Keep your inner child well nourished

8 – Listen to and accept the advice of others…but follow your own plan

9 – Help those who ask and offer help to those who don’t

10 – Keep your ego in check

11 – Revel in another’s’ good fortune

12 – Enjoy your own company

13 – Evict the Jones’s from your life

14 – Keep competition to sporting events only

15 – Treat your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/partner like you would treat your best friend

16 – Look people in the eye

17 – Be the first to offer a warm embrace and/or a firm handshake

18 – Mind your own business

19 – Keep your home tidy yet lived in

20 – If you are unsure of something, just ask the question

21 – Be attentive to how others around you are feeling

22 – Listen first, question later

23 – Don’t judge until you know ALL the facts

24 – Live with compassion and be sympathetic

25 – Keep your opinions close to the vest

26 – Remember that there are two sides to every story

27 – Don’t take anyone or anything for granted

28 – Balance work, play and life

29 – Live below your means

30 – Be positive

31 – Think before you act

32 – Be brave

33 – Think of others as much as you think of yourself

34 – Forgive, but don’t forget

35 – Respect the thoughts and opinions of children as much as you would anyone else’s

36 – Try to be exemplary

37 – Remember that as long as you try it is okay to fail

38 – Don’t be afraid to cry

39 – Share a few laughs with those around you

40 – Choose your friends well as they reflect a great deal the type of person you are

41 – Have a pet but don’t buy a pet, save a pet

42 – Embrace the silence

43 – Learn when to compromise and when not to

44 – Find a lifelong passion

45 – Be your own boss

46 – Keep your past in mind as you move towards the future

47 – Find yourself

48 – Keep it real

49 – Evoke the feelings of your youth

50 – Stand your ground

51 – Live YOUR life, not that of others

52 – Remember that being happy is NOT an all or nothing experience, there’s a whole lot of wonderful in-between

53 – Don’t sweat or stress over the small stuff, it just ain’t worth it!

Special bonus thought: “Don’t let anyone make you afraid” – David Coverdale. Thanks again David :)

Birthday Present Give-Away

I know that it is customary for the person whose birthday it is to receive gifts from friends and family alike. But today, I want to reverse that for a moment and offer one of you a gift instead in celebration of my birth.

My good friend, fine art photographer Irene Suchocki has generously offered me the opportunity to send one lucky individual an eye poetry photo from her vast collection. All you need to do to is comment on this post and then on Friday I will randomly choose a post comment. That author will then receive an email from me on how to go about claiming their gift :)

CONGRATULATIONS to Lois from living-simply-free.com for being the winner of a fine art eye poetry photograph from Irene Suchocki!!! :) Lois was chosen from a simple random method whereby I put all the names of those who commented on this post in a hat, stuck my had into the hat and pulled out her name. An email will be sent to her shortly with instructions on how to receive her gift.

Thanks to all who participated and check back for more give-aways in the not so distant future.

As mentioned previously, I will be featuring an upcoming interview with Irene that will surely resonate with many, if not all of you who visit The Joy of Simple.

Thanks everyone for dropping by on my special day and take care. I’m now off to lunch with a friend, and then dinner at another friend’s house this evening. Life is good! Oh…and if you are also having a birthday today…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

Take care and all the best.


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