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Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Simple!

Hey everyone. I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been taking a bunch of pictures lately around my ‘hood and thought I’d share some of them with you. Hope ya enjoy As usual, I’d love to read your thoughts on this topic so please, keep the conversation flowing by adding a comment below. OH…and I’m

Small Town Living In The Big City!!

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a truly wonderful and simple weekend I am now feeling my usual self – after battling a cold – and I am raring to write…so here we go! Way back in the day – before I began following the tenets of voluntary simplicity – I remember wishing for

Urban Gardening In The Big City – Montreal And Beyond!

Hey gals and guys. I hope all is going well with you all. As you all may know – for me – simplicity is all about independence from outside influences, whether they be a 9 to 5 Joe-job (no offense to Joe), manipulative advertising campaign, or impersonal big-box stores. And one of the main ways

The Magic Garbage Room

Hey everyone, I hope your week is going well. A while back I wrote a post about how some people seem to have no problem tossing out items – both big and small – that still work nicely and could be given to a new home with little to no hassle. Unfortunately, it is easier

Shop Simple!

The picture to your left was taken by a friend of mine on a recent visit to Woodstock, NY. When I noticed it on her FB page, I asked her if I could use it in this post as I found it to be quite fitting for what I wanted to talk about, which is,

Simple Pleasures – Backyard Retreat

On my morning walks, I kept passing this beautiful rock garden fountain that someone obviously took a long time cultivating in order to enjoy a wonderful backyard retreat, and I thought I’d share What’s your simple pleasure? Lyle by

In Praise Of Used: Giving Things A Second Chance

The picture to your left is of a 12 year old Dell Inspirion laptop that a good friend gave me about five years ago after using it heavly for seven years prior (thanks Jane!). It has a 40 gig hard drive, 128 megs of ram, Windows XP professional and can still get me on the

Simple Pleasures – Free Cookies!

One of life’s simple pleasures is the handing out of free Mr. Felix and Mr.Norton’s cookies from a cookie truck. A deliciously unexpected simple pleasure. What’s yours? Lyle by

Neighborhood Finds!

As you are all aware, one of the benefits of living a simple life is getting to know your neighborhood and all that it has to offer. In my neighborhood of Montreal West/NDG for example, I live near a small, but well stocked public library, a coffee shop/Cafe (Second Cup) is right across the street