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Simple Sunday – 16

Hey everyone. I hope you are all enjoying a great and simple weekend. It’s dark and rainy where I live so I’m enjoying a nice cup of tea while reading through my favorite blogs It’s been a while since I wrote a Simple Sunday post as I have been on a summer slowdown, but I’m

Simple Sunday – 15

Hey gals and guys. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beauty that is a summer day! It’s been a very busy week and while I had intended to write a couple of posts, Murphy’s Law had other plans for me! That didn’t stop me though from checking out a few of

Simple Sunday – 14

Hey gals and guys! I hope you are all having a simply gorgeous weekend. I am battling a cold – pretty much over it actually – but it still has me feeling a more than a tad lethargic, which is why I haven’t written a new post in over a week. I should be back

Simple Sunday – 13

Good day all! I hope your weekend is turning out to be simple and joyful It’s been a busy week and while I did manage to get a guest post written, that was pretty much all I was able to accomplish post wise. But that’s ok, ’cause it’s the summer time and life takes a

Simple Sunday – 12

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend is simply rockin’!! It’s been a rainy few days here but that’s ok…at least it’s warm. The past couple of weeks have flown by and I haven’t been able to write any new posts as I have been busy cat-sitting and taking care of my own feline friend who

Simple Sunday Plus – 11 :)

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend is simply awesome !! And with that said, it is now time for the eleventh edition of Simple Sunday (and surprisingly I am posting it on a Sunday instead of my usual Saturday publishing date)!! Simple Sunday features links to stories, blog post and videos that I have encountered

Simple Sunday – 10

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend so far! I have had a busy couple of weeks and wasn’t able to post a Simple Sunday last weekend so I’m glad to be able to post one this week Today’s Simple Sunday though is going to be a tad different as I

Simple Sunday – 9

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend is simply wonderful !! Currently it is raining in my neck of the woods, but that’s ok ’cause “April showers bring May flowers!!” And with that said, it is now time for the ninth edition of Simple Sunday (even though I am posting this on Saturday evening)!! Simple Sunday

Simple Sunday – 8

Hey everyone. I can’t believe how beautiful it is outside. Definitely makes up for the hash winter we experienced! I hope your weekend is as beautiful and that it is joyously simple I had a great week and one of the highlights of my week was starting a new blog called From 50 On! It’s

Simple Sunday – 7

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend is going well and that you are all simply enjoying what your life has to offer I had an enjoyable week and made some progress in catching up on some writing and guitar playing that needed to be done. Plus I had a few breakfasts out with my cousin