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Valentine’s Day Is Also For SAD People Like Me :)

I originally wrote this post this time last year and since nothing has really changed, I figured I would repost it again for those who may have missed it the first time around So…here ya go… ———————– Hey everyone. I hope you are all enjoying your week. As I venture through the various blogs I

The Cost Of Being You*

* – The general “you”, not the specific you! Hey everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the day. It’s cold and snowy here in Montreal at the moment, but that’s ok by me. It makes the neighborhood sparkle and shine Before I begin, let me qualify this post by stating that the statements I

The Joy Of Intentional Giving!

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend was simply wonderful and that your week will prove to be the same I can’t believe it’s already December 1!! That means there’s a little over three weeks left before Christmas…which is crazy! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! Speaking of fun, the weeks leading up to

Frugal Food Friday – Chicken And Rice!

Hey everyone, I hope all is well and that your weekend will turn out to be simply awesome! As this is Friday, I usually like to add a post dealing with making cheap and frugal – yet delicious – tasting meals. And today is no exception In the past I have talked about the wonderful

Frugal Food Friday: Pork With Rice And Tomatoes :)

Hey gals and guys. I hope you are all well and looking forward to a slow and relaxing weekend. Since it’s Friday, it’s time for a Frugal Food Friday post (apologies for missing this series the past two weeks). This week’s cheap – yet nutritious – eats, features pork cubes, Basmati rice and a can

Frugal Food Friday: Prepared Chicken Dinner :)

Hey all. I hope your week has gone nicely and that your weekend will be even nicer Due to my being sick last week, I missed a Frugal Food Friday post, so I’m coming back at ya with this new post today! For the past few months, I have been working at cooking my own

Frugal Food Friday: Poor Man’s Cabbage Rolls

Hey guys and gals. I hope your week is coming to a joyful close and that your weekend will be simply simple As mentioned last week, I am going to attempt to post a frugal, yet delicious and nutritious meal every Friday, and today is no exception! The meal this week is something I’ve called

Frugal Food Friday: A Taste Of India – Cheap And Simple Butter Chicken

Hey gals and guys, I hope you’re all well and getting ready to enjoy a peaceful and fruitful weekend! In the past, I have posted a few entries on saving money by cooking frugal meals that were both tasty and inexpensive – hence the frugal! Well, today I wanna start a weekly series titled Frugal

5 Simple Reasons Why I Am Happy To Be Car Free In Montreal

Hey everyone. I hope you are all enjoying your week and that life is slow and simple for y’all As the subject title states for this post, I am very happy to live a car-free life in Montreal. I don’t know about other cities, but it’s rather easy to live in Montreal, Quebec without a

A Simple And Frugal Roast Chicken Recipe For About $10.00!!

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend was simply delightful I mentioned in my most recent post that last week I had roasted a chicken for the second time in my life, with a ten year wide gap between my first roasted bird and the second. I also mentioned that the entire bird and fixings cost