Fight For Life

Kiki hanging out with The Thieves :)

Kiki hanging out with The Thieves :)

Hey everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend and for my American friends, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

I had a great weekend as usual but yesterday was also quite emotional as my classic rock band played a benefit show for a brave little nine year old girl - Ms. Kiki – who is battling leukaemia . Given the situation, it turned out to be a very joyous occasion, as in a space of seven hours, the organizers were able to raise $11,092.00, including lots of sponsored gifts and a huge half and half that went to lucky raffle ticket owners*.

Throughout the evening I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Kiki on a couple of occasions and it was made very clear that she was a very special young lady who liked to rock and I’m glad to say that we didn’t disappoint her :) One of her favourite songs, which we happened to have in our repertoire, is Melissa Ethridge’s “Run For Life”. Suffice it to say, she loved our rendition and while she was too tired to hit the dance floor, she did some energetic chair dancing! What more could you ask for!?

When the event was over, not only had we made some new fans and friends, we got to spark a new relationship with Kiki’s mom and dad which was the icing on the cake (I’m looking forward to that BBQ one day Mark:) )

Of course we were but a small part of the overall event as the family, organizers, servers, MC and everyone else involved made the benefit the best it could be.

Later that night, in the comfort of my living room, I began to think about the battle that little Kiki has been going through since this past July, and how she has kept the fight strong in order to regain some control over her life, no matter how small.

Thankfully, she’s not doing this on her own as she has some truly outstanding people in her little corner. The love of her family knows no limit while the medical care she is constantly receiving is above par. Yet, with all that support, the fight is still very much on Kiki, on her will to battle this disease in the face of the unknown. And…not only to fight tooth and nail, but to kick her cancer in the butt and to stomp on it until it’s out of her small body for good!!

She’s been through a lot already but still has a long road ahead, and while I don’t know her personally, I have no doubt that Kiki will triumph, doing all she can to get back to her childhood.

So…what can we take away from this courageous nine year old girl?  Hopefully, we can take away the following:

Don’t Give Up The Fight: Whether you are literally fighting for you life, like Kiki is doing, or you’re going through struggles that keep you from living the life you truly desire, keep on fighting or more importantly, if you’re not already…START FIGHTING!! Don’t let another day go by hoping, but rather, start doing!!

Surround Yourself With Those Who Care: Hopefully you all have a strong and loving support network, but if not, start now! Surround yourself with a few close friends, loving family members, and, if need be, professional help. Try as we might, and believe me, I’ve tried, we are not an island onto ourselves. We need caring, loving and honest people to balance our thoughts, personality and well-being.

Stop Sweating The Small Stuff: I’m sure a lot of people who attended last night’s benefit left thinking about how truly small their “problems” actually were in the face of what Kiki and her family go through ever minute of every hour of every day!

Those small things, the useless drama that clogs up a life, paralyses what we all should be doing with our lives. Get rid of the petty and focus on what truly matters. You no doubt already know what that it is in your heart and soul so just go for it.

Now, I’m not diminishing what you may feel is worthy of worry, just a gentle reminder that it helps to choose your battles based on their interference of your life’s true potential. So choose your battles wisely…please :)

As I wrap this up, my thoughts once again go to Kiki and her courageous fight for life. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family who have not lost their faith throughout these trying times. In fact, they have invited us to play at her Kiki Beats Cancer Event which we will gladly do without hesitation.

Until then, I for one will get off my fat duff and make sure my life is truly where and how I want it to be.

It is my hope that if you found Kiki’s story inspirational, that your motivation won’t be short lived but rather a continued fight to live the best life you can for both yourself and for those who you care deeply for.

Take care and all the best.


* Kiki was able to give a check to the hospital that cares for her. The money will be used to benefit other children who are also fighting for their lives as well. Thank you Kiki :)

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