Guest Post #3, Cool Links And An Introduction (of sorts) !

Guest-Post-3Hey everyone. I hope your week went well and that your weekend will prove to be fun, joyous and relaxing :)

Just a quick note to say that I was pleased to provide a guest post – # 3 – to Pauline Paquin’s wonderful blog Make Money Your Way. Pauline blogs about “…money, travel, simple and deliberate living, freedom and choices…”, and provides her many readers with tips, tricks and insightful posts on living and creating the life you truly want.

My specific contribution was on how to make a decent side income teaching music, whether it be guitar (like I do), violin, piano or any instrument you can think of. If you can play, then chances are you can teach and make a nice side income with relatively little effort. If interested, please check out my guest post at – and if you have already, thank you :)

I would also like to point out that I was featured on two other blogs this week. One was at Rethinking The Dream, where the owner of the blog, Freedom (yes, that’s his name), graciously accepted to feature my simple living story as part of his new Rethinking The Dream Chronicles, where he will be showcasing life stories of folks like you and me. It’s a wonderful idea and I’m sure he’d love to have you all drop by and possibly contribute a few stories of your own! If you would like to read my story, please drop by here and say hi :)

Kathy Gottberg, over at SMART Living 365 has also been gracious enough to feature an earlier post of mine – On Being Content – in her Fifty Things I’m Grateful For Today post. It’s a joy to have one of my posts nestled in amongst the fine works of a great many talented writers and I think you all would also enjoy checking out Kathy’s top picks:

I have one more piece of bisiness than I’m done for now!

On Monday, I will be unveiling a new series titled A Heartfelt Life. This series, much like Freedom’s Rethinking The Dream Chronicles, will feature interview based stories on living a life created by following one’s heart and passion.

The first interview of A Heartfelt Life will feature my very good friend, Irene Suchocki who left a good paying job as a technical writer to follow her heart, love and passion for fine art photography, or what she likes to call eye poetry :)

If you wanna little introduction before Monday’s interview, please feel free to check out Irene’s site over at Honestly, I think you’ll fall in love with her way of seeing the world.

Irene has also graciously offered something nice for readers of The Joy of Simple, and what that will be will be revealed on Wednesday, November 13, 2013…my 53rd birthday :) I hope you can drop by then to see what it will be!

Well, that’s it for now. It was a fun and busy week and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! I truly hope you did as well.

Take care all and have a marvelous weekend.

All the best.


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