Personal Interaction VS Online Convenience!!

Hey guys and gals. I hope you are all having a great week and that all is good in your lives :)

As I’m slowly getting back into writing down my thoughts on living simply, I found that I was at a loss last week about what to write…that is, until a few days ago when a good friend of mine – and no Dan, I’m not talking about you :) – commented on how he found it “weird” that I don’t do any of my banking online or…horrors of all horrors…that I don’t even use a bank card or a bank machine to do any of my monetary transactions!!

Now, according to my friend, one could argue that online banking is the simpler way to go. And while he may be correct in his logic, that’s not how I roll!! I actually enjoy going to the bank when I need to. I enjoy the interaction between myself and the tellers and find that it adds a little more mindful intention where my money is concerned and how it’s being used.

Sure I could click the mouse a few times and electronically pay a few bills while moving my money around where needed in the comfort of my own home/apartment. And yes, that might be simpler than having to leave my house to go to the bank every time I needed to pay a bill or make a withdrawal, but hey, as mentioned I like the personal interaction that a trip to the bank provides. Plus, there’s never any issue of my browser window freezing up, electronic wires getting crossed or some back-door Trojan virus thingee capturing all my banking info. And while I realize that such occurrences may be rare, they still do happen. It also helps that my bank is right across the street and requires little more than me having to put on some clothes to get my banking done. What an inconvenience!! :)

That being said, I realize that your bank may be way across town or solely online as in Tangerine (formerly ING Direct). And if that’s the case, then online banking would no doubt be quite convenient and time saving.  But in my case it takes but a few minutes out of my day and I often come away from the tellers’ wicket with a smile after having taken the time to ask about their family or what they did over the weekend. It’s a simple – and some might say superficial – sharing of thoughts, but you would be surprised how something so “trivial”, can really make someone’s day. It doesn’t take but a moment to inquire about how someone is, or how there weekend went and it reflects a level of caring -  no matter how small – that is not lost on the person you are interacting with. Plus, I’ve received wonderful service and “little favors” that I otherwise would not have been privy to had I ignored the human element for the electronic.

Now of course this doesn’t apply only to banking, but crosses the gamut of public service jobs where the majority of folks are being paid a measly wage to eke out a living. I would much rather – and do – go to a second hand book store than order what I want online, regardless of the convenience of a few mouse clicks. And while not all shop owners, clerks and servers are uber-friendly and personable, I would imagine that most workers do appreciate some personal interaction throughout their work day. I know I would!  :)

So…long story short…that is why I like doing my banking in person. I realize that there may be a day when there are no longer brick and mortar banks, or even small businesses, that I will be able to visit…but until then, if I can do what I need to do in person, then I will.

Take care all and thanks for being here :)

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