Simple Pleasures – Rain

simple-pleasures-downpourOne of my favorite simple pleasures is getting caught in a rain storm knowing that I will soon be home enjoying a hot cup of tea in dry clothes and slippers. It’s that simple pleasure that makes getting soaked to the bone worth it!

What’s your simple pleasure?


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14 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures – Rain

  1. I love walking in a summer rain. My favorite thing to do though is sit on the front porch and watch it pour. It is sheer heaven, especially at dawn or dusk.

    I am loving your blog here – you totally rock! I look forward to reading your next posts!


    • Thank you so much for being here Annie. I have been a fan and a reader of your blog for the past six months now and I think YOU totally rock. Please feel free to drop by whenever the mood strikes and more posts are a comin’ :) And your sitting on the porch when it rains sounds ideal. I think I’ll try that on my balcony one of these days :)


  2. Living in Florida – you know, the “Sunshine State” – I enjoy a cloudy day with some rain. Sometimes (true confession) I feel like one more sunny day is going to make me scream. I love a rainy day because it creates a cozy atmosphere. There. I’ve said it. :)

  3. I love walking in the rain as well…as long as I know I’m going to be dry soon :) Cool blog by the way I am enjoyig your lifestyle quiet a bit :)


    • Hi Susan and thanks for visiting. Nope, the picture is a stock photo I borrowed. While I will try and take as many picture myself, there are some that convey the purpose of the post a lot better than I can do. So I usually go with whatever works. Take care.


  4. I think I am one of the only people I know out of my group of friends who actually enjoys getting rained on. I just love it :)

  5. Oh I love rain! Summers where I live in northern California can get very hot, and we generally won’t have rain from May through mid-October. The first rain, even if it’s only sprinkles, is such a Godsend! I feel like I’m waking up after being lethargic for so long in the heat. I love to listen to the rain, and I love how the grayness makes every color of grass, trees, and flowers look brighter. And it’s heaven to sit on the porch and watch the rain while enjoying a hot cup of tea.

    • Wow Karen…that was beautifully written!! I love listening to the rain as well, especially during a really heavy downpour when it hits the windows.


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