Simple Sunday – 14

Hey gals and guys! I hope you are all having a simply gorgeous weekend. I am battling a cold – pretty much over it actually – but it still has me feeling a more than a tad lethargic, which is why I haven’t written a new post in over a week. I should be back to it come next week and looking forward to it :)

And with that said, it is now time for the 14th edition of Simple Sunday (even though I am posting this on Saturday evening)!!

Simple Sunday features links to stories, blog post and videos that I have encountered over the week that I find interesting, insightful, telling and just plain fun to read or watch. Hopefully, you will all agree as well.

So, take an hour or so, grab a coffee, tea or other beverage, sit back and enjoy. It’s that SIMPLE! :)



My first bit of link love goes to Christy King over at The Simple White Rabbit blog for featuring me in an interview that had me thinking, reflecting, reminiscing and more! I had fun doing it, and I thank Christy for including me on her wonderful blog. To check out the interview, hop on over to and don’t be shy to lemme know what ya think…please :)

In the “what the heck is wrong with some people” department, you gotta check out this short video titled “Living Doll: Real-Life Barbie Girl Searching for her Ken“. Now, believe me, I’m not one to judge, but seriously!? You wanna live your life looking like Barbie!!?? Ooookay then! Hope it works out for ya! NEXT!!!

Are you like most folks that are tired paying for their food? Then stop paying for your food! According to writer Donna Freedman, gleaning or foraging naturally grown food has picked up a lot of steam amongst urban dwellers and with a little bit of study, some caution and a small list of resourceful websites, it appears pretty easy to eat for free thanks to Mother Nature!

Psssstttt – you want a thousand bucks? Then head on over to the Easy Lazy DIY Mom blog where Joanna is celebrating her one year blogaversery by giving a lucky reader $1000.00! Of course there are some conditions, so make sure you read her full post before you email her your PayPal information :) Good luck at

Christy King gets a second round of link love because of a post she wrote titled “Simple Pleasures to Enjoy with Children“. Now that summer is officially upon us, you might be wondering what to do to keep the kiddos from being “bored out of their skulls”! Christy provides 50 simple ideas that should keep them going all summer. You can check out these ideas over at

If you are looking to, or have already embarked on a journey to live your life with greater simplicity attached, you’ve probably been told to only have friends that share your attitudes and values and to “ditch” your negative associations. Kent Julian, over at Live It Forward has a great post about the characteristics of those who you most likely should avoid! A Different Kind of Personality Test – 7 Toxic Personalities to Avoid provides an insightful look at those who say “NAY!” rather than those who say “YAY!”

Well, that’s it for this week folks. I hope you all have a relaxing and Simple Sunday and we’ll see ya in a couple of days.

I’d love to read what you have to say about these stories so please feel free to continue the conversation in the comments section below.

Take care and all the best.

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