What A One Gig MP3 Player Taught Me About Living!

Sandsik-1gig-mp3playerHey everyone, I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable weekend  :)

I realize the subject line of this post might seem to be a tad strange – ok, a lot strange – but please allow me some creative license!

A few days ago I was uploading some podcasts from Entrepreneur on Fire onto my San Disk 1 gig MP3 player when I received a warning message pop up that I had run out of space and couldn’t upload anymore. And like my When Enough Becomes Enough post from a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I needed to delete a few songs from my player to allow the files I truly wanted to listen to at that time.

As I began the process, I started to think about how I much I really liked my 1 gig MP3 player as opposed to owning a 160 gig iPod! Sure, I could upload a gazillion songs if I had an iPod, but then what!? I would have a gazillion songs that I never listened to – with the exception of a few favorites – just “sitting” there with no purpose!

With my 1 gig player, I have no choice but to be very selective about what I am uploading to it. I can only put songs or podcasts on it that actually mean something to me at that moment in time, which is very Zen :) . I have to consider and intentionally plan what I want to listen to which greatly coincides with my mood. The last thing I want to be doing is spending time thumbing through a ton of songs looking for that “perfect” one that is going to appease me while the moment is quickly flying by. By intentionally choosing a select few, my needs and wants are satiated and every song or podcast stored on my MP3 player has a purpose and will be listened to and enjoyed thoroughly.

Now, what does this have to do with living? Well, I think you are already seeing where this idea is heading, but I’ll expand on it just a little.

Think of your life. How much stuff, be it emotional, material or otherwise, have you been cramming into it with little or no relative importance or fulfillment, immediate or otherwise? How much is truly in your life because you have purposely accepted it and how much is needlessly filling you up because you have not dealt with immediately letting stuff go?

There are clearly going to be events, experiences, reminiscences, that seek to enhance your life on any number of levels. Those are definitely the ones to hold on to.

But what about the other stuff that doesn’t make you life any better? What about the guy or gal who cut you off in traffic this morning? Are you going to keep that – insert expletive here – moment lasting the whole day, possibly ruining what would have been a glorious day? Or are you going to NOT upload it to your life and get on with living it like you deserve?

Have you put your life on hold – your authentic life – so that you can one day grasp at yet another lower rung on the success ladder as others try and push you off, clumsily grasping at the same rung? Or can you choose to not let that situation be part of your life?

Are you going to let that old relationship that ended badly keep you from getting out there and being open to a possible true love connection with someone who just might be THE ONE? Or are you going to “write over” that moment in your life so that you can upload one that makes you happier and more loved?

OK…OK…I realize that last example might have sounded a little cheesy but hey, it happens! I’ve been there and you probably have as well.

Although, just for the record, I have yet to meet THE ONE!

Anyway, I could go on but I believe you all get my point.

What we need to accept fully in our lives – at least to me – is love, respect, work-satisfaction, friendship, family, caring, support, understanding, tolerance, self-acceptance, self-awareness and self-actualization amongst other positive associations that you can think of.

What we shouldn’t be making space for in our lives – at least to me – is anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, greed, disrespect, hatred, small-mindedness, selfishness, complacency, exhaustion and whatever other negative associations that have an impact not only in our lives but the lives of those around us.

Once we understand and acknowledge the sneaky triggers that seem to slip by us because we have too much stuff going on in our lives to truly focus, only then can we become more selective about what we accept and, more importantly, what we don’t.

Over time, simple living has allowed me to only accept what I truly want in my life. Simplicity has provided me with an uncluttered inner space to reflect on the important things in my life and to be fully aware of how easy it is to be bombarded by outside influence.

I don’t want my life clogged with a gazillion experiences and emotions, no matter how positive or negative. I try to focus on the present, a little of the past and with some thought towards the near future. For me that’s enough. Anymore and I start to feel a tad anxious, uneven and sometimes, just plain crappy. And really…who likes feeling crappy! I sure don’t…do you?

Take care and all the best.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the above post, so please continue the conversation below.

ps: thanks to my sister who bought me the exact MP3 player above for Christmas seven years ago :)


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