You’re Not The Boss Of Me!!

folded-armsHey everyone. I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the good life wherever you are :)

After battling the flu for the past three weeks I can happily say that I am back at 100% and feeling energized!!

Throughout that three week period I had lots and lots of time to sleep and watch TV…which is what I do when I’m sick. And to be honest, I was extremely grateful that I was in a position where I COULD sleep and watch a helluva lot of TV :)   In my old nine-to-five days, I’d be lucky if I was able to get TWO days off, regardless if the company offered sick days or not.

Now-a-days I can’t even imagine being sick and having to go to a job where there’s a good chance that my work would actually suffer, not to mention the possibility of infecting my co-workers. Yet every day, tons of sick folk are expected to make their way to an office, warehouse, factory, academic institution, hospital or fast food chain – to name but a few – to put in eight or more miserable hours for fear that they might possibly lose their job or be penalized in some way if they take more than a couple of days off. And while this scenario may or may not be the case, it is the possibility that such an occurrence could take place that rubs me the wrong way! This may sound a little harsh, but in my mind, that’s extortion…pure and simple…even if it does help pay the rent!

Since being laid-off from my last nine-to-five job back in 1982, I’ve strived to live a life that is void of such expectation. To live a life that is determined by my actions and my actions alone! And this attitude doesn’t just apply to working, it also applies to my health and well-being, my happiness and my overall contentment in life.

Having said that, let me clarify a few things. I realize that the society that I live in is very much a “you do this for me and I’ll do that for you” culture, and personally I’m fine with that. So long as it’s my choice!! If I’m sick and working a job, and I can’t take as many days off as I need to get better because they expect me to be in when THEY want…then no thank you!! I’ll find my own way of making my own money thank you very much! Which is exactly what I have done.

Now some may argue that “yeah…ok…so you’re self employed and you can work when you want to…but I’m making more money than you!” While this may be true, I have some thing they don’t have…time! I truly value my time much more than I value money. I understand that I need to work to pay my rent, my bills and to live. But I don’t need to work on such a grand scale that I give up all my time working for somebody else. Been there! Done that! Got the T-shirt!

When I began following a simpler lifestyle, I became more aware of what it took for me to be truly content. And you know what? It didn’t take that much at all! A decent place to live, a way to pay the bills that wasn’t contrary to how I wanted to live, close proximity to good friends, access to public transportation, and a little extra cash to blow now and then on luxuries like brunch every Sunday and the odd movie out. And even with just those simple needs and wants, I still manage to live with so much more than many people around the world could ever hope – or dare -  to enjoy.

Now, sometimes I take my life for granted and even though I don’t mean to, it happens from time to time. It’s when I’m sick however, or deeply aware that I am able to live my life with more freedom than most people I know…it’s then that I realize how fortunate I truly am.

Mind you, I have put work into getting to this point in my life and it hasn’t always been easy as there’s been plenty of self-doubt in the past. Thankfully though, I persevered and kept on living my life the way I wanted, and it’s worked out…for me! Hopefully the choices you have made in your life have worked out for you. If not, it’s really not too late :)

End of rant!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic so please keep the conversation going in the comments section below. It is
greatly appreciated…as are you!! :)

Take care and all the best.


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